Aussie Musicians Unite For Marriage Equality


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With marriage equality currently at the forefront of public discourse, a passionate group of Australian musicians have come together to support the cause by donating songs to help create a campaign and album titled #SayYesToLove Vol 1.

Launching on July 17th and, only available on iTunes, #SayYesToLove Vol 1 is a harmonious celebration of love and respect featuring some of Australia’s best known musical artists including: Jimmy Barnes, John Butler Trio, Wes Carr, Katie Noonan’s Vanguard, The Basics, Josh Pyke, L-FRESH THE LION, Joe Camilleri, Darren Percival, The Cat Empire, C Major and Veneno and Fiona Joy.
Says Barnes about his involvement in the campaign: “This is about basic human rights. No one has the right to tell someone who they can love, or how they can express their love. Love is about caring for, and sharing your life with the one you love, and if the act of marriage helps to make that connection stronger in the eyes of the people sharing that life or in the eyes of the law then they should be encouraged, it should not be made more difficult. It is very hard to find love in this world and we don’t all feel the same way about what love is but it is the most important thing that I have in my life and I support people who want to share their lives together anyway they want to do it.”

Says Ivan Hinton-Teoh, campaign director for Australian Marriage Equality: “Every day, Australians are finding new and innovative ways to get behind the marriage equality campaign. I am delighted to be part of #SayYesToLove and I hope it inspires more to find their voice to champion for equality.”

Says Michael McGlynn, the album’s executive producer: “Everyone, should have the right under the law, to marry the one they love. Australian musicians, bands and Artists stand together with Australian Marriage Equality in #SayYesToLove.”

All tracks have been kindly donated by the artists with proceeds going towards the Australian Marriage Equality campaign.

AME plans to release further volumes of #SayYesToLove in the near future and artists interested in contributing should go to for further details.

Coordinated by Janine Middleton and Ivan Hinton-Teoh from AME, the album has been executively produced by Michael McGlynn at Vienna People and amalgamated by Mark Bolton and Beth Deady at MGM Distribution.

#SayYesToLove Vol.1 is released on Friday, 17 July via iTunes.

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